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The Harsh Truth Behind the Criticism of AI-Generated Art


The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about many changes in various industries, including the arts. One of the main concerns among some artists is that AI tools and algorithms will take away their jobs, leaving them unable to make a living from their work. However, this is not a new phenomenon. Throughout history, new inventions and technologies have often disrupted existing industries, resulting in job losses for some. 


This is the same argument as candlemakers, horse owners, and truck drivers complaining about the invention of lightbulbs, cars, and self-driving trucks. Before the invention of lightbulbs, people had to use candles to light their homes. But with the invention of lightbulbs, candlemakers lost their jobs. The same thing happened with the rise of cars and self-driving trucks. Horse owners and truck drivers saw their livelihoods threatened by these new technologies. 


Despite the downsides for some, we continue to use these technologies because they are worth it for the greater good of everyone. There are trade-offs, and it's not cost-free. The cost, in this case, is that some artists will lose their jobs. 


While it may result in job losses for some artists, it has the potential to democratize art-creation, making it possible for anyone to create art, regardless of their technical skills. This is a win for humanity, as it allows way more people to express themselves and share their creativity with the world.


In the end, the rise of AI art is just the latest example of how technological advancements can be both a blessing and a curse. While it may take away jobs from some, it also has the potential to create new opportunities for others and make art more accessible to everyone.

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