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AI The New Frontier For Art


And so it has begun, on 8/29/22 an AI generated image has won 1st place at an art competition. A lot of people are angry and a lot of people are inspired. You no longer need to have artistic skill in order to create art. The frustration some artists feel having spent a solid amount of time perfecting their skill, just to witness a program emulating the process without the same time input and dedication, is understandable. But this is the world we live in now. This is the new frontier for art, and with it a whole new set of rules and possibilities.


The only sad part about it, is that this mediocre AI art piece got 1st place. I see way more impressive AI generated art on the daily in AI art groups and in the Midjourney discord chat. There needs to be 2 separate categories, AI art and non AI digital art. This would make things fair. Because this art piece may look more impressive than the non AI created art pieces at the competition. But this art piece is so unimpressive compared to other AI art being created every day.


If you want to check out some cool AI art, go here.

Democratization of artistic expression


AI Art allows any one without technical art skills to create virtual visual works of art. This technology democratizes expression of artistic creativity . In the past you had to have artistic skill in order to see a visual representation of an idea that you had. Now anyone has the ability to bring their ideas to life in a visual format

If you want to check out some cool AI art, go here.

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