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AI Prompting Is Art


AI Prompting is a new type of art that may not immediately be recognized as such. However, when we break it down, it becomes clear that AI Prompting is a combination of Poetry, Coding, and Photography, all of which are widely accepted as forms of art.


Poetry is an art form that uses words to evoke emotions and insights in the reader. Every word is carefully chosen in a particular order to paint a specific image in the mind of the reader. Similarly, AI art involves using words and descriptions, in a particular order to create an image that conveys a scene, place, or feeling.


Coding is also an art form, as the way a program is written can reflect the style of the programmer. There may be certain limitations on the structure of the code, but there is still a significant degree of freedom in which artistic design can be applied. The way one chooses to write a program has hints of that person’s style. There are multiple ways you can code a program to result with the same end function. Which road you take depends on your choices. Similarly, the process of creating AI art involves refining the input and finding your own way of getting to the end result.


In Photography, the artist does not create the image, but rather uses their artistic sense to choose the best among hundreds of options. Similarly, AI Art involves filtering through hundreds of options to arrive at the best result, which requires subjective artistic experience and curation.


In conclusion, Poetry, Coding, and Photography are all recognized as art forms, and AI Prompting, as a combination of these three, is also a form of art.

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