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Movie Reviews

Sicario: Day of the Soldado  -  7.5/10


Intensely gripping and unapologetically violent, it stands as a commendable entry in the Sicario anthology. While it may not quite reach the heights of its predecessor, it undeniably demands attention and warrants a viewing.

Sicario  -  9/10


This gripping film offers a visceral portrayal of the gritty realities of capturing criminals "off the books." With its relentless tension, raw violence, and unflinching authenticity, "Sicario" captivates viewers, keeping them on the edge of their seats and fully engaged from start to finish. One of the film's most distinctive elements is its innovative narrative style, which keeps viewers in the dark by presenting the story through the perspectives of characters other than the main protagonist, heightening the suspense and intrigue.

You'll Never Find Me  -  4/10


The pacing of the movie was very slow and boring, dragging out scenes and testing the patience of its audience. With each passing moment, the film seems to linger unnecessarily, failing to maintain a sense of momentum or urgency. As viewers eagerly await the big reveal promised by the narrative buildup, they are met with disappointment when it finally arrives. The revelation lacks the intrigue and depth anticipated, falling flat and failing to ignite any sense of excitement or engagement. And just when hopes are pinned on a climactic plot twist to redeem the film, the ending falls short of expectations. Instead of delivering a satisfying resolution, the twist feels contrived and unsatisfying, leaving audiences with a sense of disillusionment and a lingering dissatisfaction with the overall viewing experience. 

Late Night With The Devil  -  7.5/10


A truly unique presentation of film. The recorded show vs behind the scenes pov has a powerful effect in grounding the viewer in the world of the movie. The actors in this had a strong performance that made the movie feel very real. This movie was almost perfect besides the weird ending. The whole movie is grounded in reality infused with the supernatural, but the ending makes the movie turn into a fantasy. But despite not having the best ending to wrap up the film, the roller coaster ride to get you to that ending is well worth it.

Immaculate  -  6/10


Nothing special. Yet another take on the omen trope. Sydney Sweeney does a fantastic job carrying the movie, but the plot feels short and rushed. If she wasn't starring in this film, there would not be much reason to go see it. It wasn't bad, it was entertaining while it passed the time, but it was also nothing new or groundbreaking.

The Invisible Man  -  9.5/10


Truly a quality thriller film with a ton of depth. More than a simple chaser slasher. It starts out as a psychological horror as she is fucked with mentally. The escalation of witch the protagonist's life gets disturbed is captivating to watch. There is an interesting plot twist after which you have no idea what to expect. And there is a really satisfying plot twist ending to send off the film.

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