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This is a list of my favorite movies.

These are all hits and classics.

If there's one of this list that you haven't  seen, you should watch that one first.

Movies (2).png

This is a list of GREAT movies that I've seen recently and would highly recommend.

If you're looking for a movie to watch,

check out one of these.

This is a list of other great movies to watch if you are looking for even more recommendations. 

The Gentleman - (Crime, Drama, Dark Comedy)
The Irishmen - (Crime, Drama)

The Game - (Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Adventure)
Devil’s Advocate - (Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Drama)

Wraith Of Man - (Action, Crime, Thriller)
Red Sparrow - (Spy, Action, Mystery)

Django Unchained - (Action, Western, Dark Comedy)

Wolf of Wall Street - (Dark Comedy, Crime Fiction)
Once Upon A Time - (Action Adventure, Comedy Drama)
Inglorious Bastards - (Drama, War, Action, Dark Comedy)

Arrival - (SciFi, Mystery)
Anon - (SciFi, Thriller)
Looper - (Action, Science Fiction, Thriller)

Mr Nobody - (Fantasy, SciFi)
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind - (Romance, SciFi)
A Waking Life - (Drama, Docufiction, Experimental)
Circle - (Psychological Thriller, Horror, Mystery)

Duce Bigalow - (Sex Comedy, Slapstick)

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