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Stand Up
Comedy Specials

This is a list of all the top comedy specials from the comedy legends. If you're a big fan of comedy you have probably seen most of these. If you are new to exploring the world of stand up comedy, this is where you begin.

Sebastian Maniscalco - “Stay Hungry (2019)”, “Why Would You Do That? (2016)”,

“Aren't You Embarrassed? (2014)”, What's Wrong with People? (2012)”, “Sebastian Live (2009)”

Patton Oswalt - “Talking for Clapping (2016)”, “Annihilation (2017)”,”Finest Hour (2011)”,
“Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time (2014)”, “I Love Everything (2020)”,

“Feelin’ Kinda Patton (2004)”, “Werewolves and Lollipops (2007)”,

“My Weakness Is Strong (2009)”, “No Reason to Complain (2006)”

Jim Gaffigan - “The Pale Tourist (2020)”, “Quality Time (2019)”, “Noble Ape (2018)”,

‘Cinco (2017)”, “Obsessed (2014)”, “Mr. Universe (2012)”

Dave Chappelle - “Sticks & Stones (2019)”, “Equanimity (2017)”,“The Bird Revelation (2017)”,

“The Age Of Spin (2017)”, “Deep In The Heart of Texas (2017)”, “Killin' Them Softly (2000)”

Katt Williams - “The Pimp Chronicles (2006)”, “It's Pimpin' Pimpin' (2008)”,

“Kattpacalypse (2012)”, “Great America (2018)”

Bill Burr - “Paper Tiger”, “Walk Your Way Out”, “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way”, Let It Go”

Louis CK - “Hilarious”, “Sincerely Lous CK”, “2017"

Mike Birbiglia - “The New One (2019)”, “Thank God for Jokes (2017)”, “My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2013)”

Todd Barry - “Spicy Honey (2017)”, “The Crowd Work Tour (2014)”, “Super Crazy (2012)”,

“Medium Energy (2001)”, “From Heaven (2008)”

Norm MacDonald - “Hitler's Dog, Gossip & Trickery (2017)”, “Me Doing Stand-Up (2011)”

Haniball Buress - “Comedy Camisado (2016)”, “Hannibal Takes Edinburgh (2016)”, “Live from Chicago (2014)”, “Miami Nights (2020)”, “Animal Furnace (2012)”, “My Name is Hannibal (2010)”

Gabriel Iglesias - “Hot and Fluffy (2008)”, “I'm Not Fat, I'm Fluffy (2009)”, “We Luv Fluffy (2009)”,

“Aloha Fluffy (2013)”, “I'm Sorry For What I Said While I Was Hungry (2016)”, “One Show Fits All (2019)”

Tom Segura - “Completely Normal (2014)”, ‘Mostly Stories (2016)”, “Disgraceful (2018)”, ”Ball Hog (2020)”

Bert Kreischer - “The Machine (2016)”, “Secret Time (2018)”, “Hey Big Boy (2020)”

Joe Rogan - “Strange Times (2018)”, “Triggered (2016)”, “Rocky Mountain High (2014)”

This is a list of all the BEST comedy specials I have recently heard. A lot of these aren't too well known and deserve way more recognition. If you're looking for some new comedy, check out the specials on this list.

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