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Take An Active Approach To Exchanging Useful Information


Growing up I used to think that most people know about the same useful stuff. I used to think that most people knew about the best movies, shows, music, food places, quality products, and so on. I used to think that there was a large pool of shared information that most people know, and that everyone had only a small amount of unique information that they knew.

As I got older the more people I interacted with the more I realized that my assumption couldn’t have been further from the truth. It seems to be that the opposite is true. The shared pool of useful information is a lot smaller than I first imagined. Everyone seems to share only a small amount of useful information while every person possesses a large amount of useful information that they know.

Finding out about useful things in life usually takes trial and error until you find one of the best things in its category. It can be watching movies or shows until you find a good one. It can be checking out different music until you find amazing artists or trying different restaurants until you find a really good one. It can be anything that you find to be the best in its category for you. 


Because finding this useful information usually takes trial and error, we are limited by time. Each person will be able to learn only so much on their own given the time we have to be alive. Understanding this perspective should make you view each person as a walking treasure trove to useful information that they have gained throughout their life.

Every person knows something useful that you don’t know. Always remember that and engage with that information. Most people are not in the habit of sharing useful information with others. You should make an effort to ask others to share their useful information with you, and you should share your useful information with others. Get into the habit of sharing useful information with people. 


A useful tip is to use your notes app to keep that information organized and ready to share with others. A good way to organize that information is to think about “if you just had a new best friend or significant other come into your life, what information would you want to share with them?” What movies, shows, music, food, products, services that you love would you want to share with them? 


It is unfortunate that most of the time this type of information usually only gets shared between couples and best friends. You should get into the habit of sharing your useful information with all your friends. And you should also get into the habit of asking all your friends back for their useful information. Don’t let the exchange of useful information be a passive process in your life. Take an active approach to exchanging useful information and see your life and the life of others become enriched by it. 


Don’t just passively appreciate, promote the things you love. 

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