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Check Out Your Local Comedy Scene

       There can be hilarious comedy taking place all around you and you will never know if you don’t look for it. I’ve been a fan of standup comedy for a long time, always watching the latest special released by the greats. But it wasn’t until much later that I began going to Comedy Open Mics. The reason being, was because I had no idea that they exist. 


       One day my coworker mentioned to me a bar he goes to that does Comedy Open Mics on Thursdays. We made plans to meet up and check it out. The place was called Josaphine’s Martini and Wine Bar. When I got there I didn’t know what to expect. The room was a mixture of bar regulars and comics. There was a different energy in the air, you could feel like something magical was about to take place. That night proceeded with each comic coming up to the stage to do their 5 minutes of material. We laughed so much that night. Whether it was due to the comic’s failed attempts of making jokes or due to the hilarious bits that had us roaring with laughter we were all having a good time. Some of the people who performed at the mic are just starting out while others are getting booked for paid spots. There is always such a variety of talent and skill level at an open mic.

       After that night I was hooked, and I wanted more. I kept coming back. To me it was like going to a free comedy show every week. Eventually I started hearing the other comics mention some other places they perform so I decided to check those out. It turns out there are tons of places that regularly host comedy open mics all around me and I never knew. 

A useful tool for locating Comedy Open Mics is facebook. There is a very good chance that your city or town has a comedy group on facebook. If not your town, then the bigger city or town next to you probably does. With this information I was able to find soo many Comedy Open Mics. If you live near a big city like Chicago, then your opportunities are endless. There are multiple mics taking place every day of the week. Not only that, but the start times and distance between the locations means you can hit up 3-5 open mics in one day. 


       Using facebook to find comedy open mics not only works in the big cities but for smaller ones too. I went down to Florida for vacation and I wanted to catch an open mic while I was up there. I used facebook to help me find one. There was no group for the comedy scene of the town I was staying in but there was one for the bigger town next to me. I joined the group, I posted asking if there are any mics taking place that day, and I got a couple responses about different spots. I went to 2 mics that night, it was a blast. It was a really cool experience and felt like an adventure exploring a new place.

       Laughter is medicine and going to a comedy open mic is such a great way to get your much needed dose. It gives you something to regularly look forward to. It is a great  place to meet up with your buddies for some drinks and its a great event for taking someone on a date. I only wish I knew about the comedy open mic scene sooner. It was happening all around me and I had no idea until someone told me about it. You don’t have to wait around someone, I am telling you about the comedy open mic scene in your area. Now it is up to you to explore it.

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