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Expand Your Vocabulary


Are you interested in expanding your vocabulary? The Vocab Word of the Day subreddit is an excellent resource to help you achieve this goal. The goal of this sub is to teach commonly used words that are not commonly understood. This subreddit teaches you a new word per day, every day.

Many of us learned basic vocabulary in school, but as we age, the words we encounter become more specialized to certain subjects. It is not uncommon for individuals to skip looking up the meanings of unfamiliar words and instead try to infer their meanings based on the context in which they are used. This can lead to the misuse of words that are only partially understood.

It is unfortunate that so many people do not actively seek to enhance their vocabulary. A limited vocabulary can hinder one's ability to effectively communicate. This is where the Vocab Word of the Day subreddit can be particularly beneficial for personal development.

The words featured on this subreddit are not obscure or complex, but rather commonly used words that may not be fully understood by everyone. The goal of the subreddit is not to make users sound pretentious, but rather to give them the confidence to incorporate these words into their vocabulary.

You can find subreddit here

Don't use reddit? You can also find the Vocab Word Of The Day on the home page of 

Below is a list of previous words shared by the subreddit. 
How many words from this list could you define?

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