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What To Bring With You
To A Music Festival

With festival season going on it’s important to make sure you have all the things you’ll need to make your camping festival experience as comfortable as possible. Below are lists of the most important things you want to make sure you bring with you.

Daily Essentials

■ Light Back Pack or camel pack

■ Fanny Pack

■ Portable charger + cables

■ Headlamp

■ Sunglasses

■ Gum

■ Tapestry (to sit down on)

■ Vitamins: B100 & 5HTP


■ Raincoat + rain shoes

■ Carabiners

Campsite Essentials
■ Tent

■ Air Mattress and Pillows

■ Blanket or sleeping bag
■ Ear plugs

■ Chairs

■ Cooler + Ice

■ Lantern

■ Tarp

■ Speaker

■ Hammock
■ Canopy (one person needs to bring one per group)
■ Tapestries (to hang around the canopy)
■ Heavy duty stakes for your tent

■ Sun Screen, 

■ Deodorant
■ Bug Spray

■ Tooth Brush and toothpaste

■ Travel shampoo/conditioner

■ Paper Towels + Toilet Paper

■ Wet wipes 

■ Trash bags

■ Ziplock bags

■ Pocket knife

Big Smoothie bottle from Walmart

■ Protein Bars

Electrolytes (nuun)

■ Cases of water


■ Extra socks 
■ Walkie Talkies

Pocket Staff
■ Wagon (so you can bring chairs to sets)

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