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Spread Joy By Carrying

Or Sharing Good Signs


Do you ever feel like you just need a sign from life to let you know that you are on the right path or that things are about to turn around and get better? Well there is no better sign from the universe than a literal good sign! You may have spotted a Good Sign at a business or someone’s home or even on a totem pole at a festival. Wherever it is displayed it brings boundless smiles to the people around it.

Since 2010 This Is A Good Sign has been creating a positive social movement around the world. Members of the movement have been spreading joy to the community by carrying and sharing Good Signs. There are so many great stories of hearts that have been touched, people who have been lifted up and encouraged, even relationships that have been initiated or rekindled for many through the experience of “Good Signing”. 


This Is A Good Sign serves as a visual reminder of Hope, Encouragement, and Positivity. Its intention is to create more human connection and help build up the community.


If you want a cool way to spread positivity and make people's day then check out their website and snag yourself some Good Signs.

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