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Tips and Tricks For The
Best Festival Experience

Festival Season has arrived and here is some advice that will make your experience go from good to great. Veterans of the festival scene come armed with tricks up their sleeves in order to make their experience as optimal as possible. Many of these tricks aren’t obvious and are learned through experience. We are here to save you time so you can begin living your best festival life right away. Here are the tips and tricks you need to know in order to party like a pro.


1. Screenshot your ticket so you can pull it up even if you don’t have service

2. Save a picture of the schedule to your phone.


3. For the most room go to the side of the stage that is opposite of the side where the crowd is coming from.


4. Get up front easily by first going up along the side and then going slightly back but towards the middle.


5. Use the soundbooth as a meet up spot with friends. Use the soundbooth as a reference point to where you are at. (ex: in front of the soundbooth, left of the soundbooth, etc.)


6. Hold your hand up when getting through a crowd. People will see your hand and notice you getting through before you get next to them and will automatically shift their body as you get near without you asking. 


7. If they sell water with no caps, always ask the vendors if you could please keep the cap before purchasing a water bottle if you give them a tip. (If they say no, try a different vendor) 


8. Before you come to the fest backup all your photos, notes and contacts in case you lose your phone

9. Set your lock screen to say, "if found, please text (friends #)". If a good person finds it, it can save you the trouble of going to lost and found.

10. Do a walk around the festival with your squad so everyone knows what the festival and stages look like and where some main locations are. locate the medical tents, water stations, bathrooms, stages, etc. That way you know where everything is and what it looks like.


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