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December 16, 2020   •   by: Vlad Ly
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The Best VR Games On Oculus


       If you are new to VR or thinking of getting into it here is a list of the best games available on the Oculus platform. The really awesome thing about Oculus is that you can return any game you buy for a full refund, as long as you have less than 2 hours of play time on it. Because of this I have tried most of the games in the Oculus store. I returned 70% of them and these are the gems I chose to keep.

       Population One - this is a battle royale game. This is basically PUBG VR. This is the best multiplayer VR game. (It takes practice to get good, it’s a little challenging but so satisfying and fun. This is an eSports level game) Price: FREE

       Richie’s Plank Experience - This isn't a game, it's an experience. part 1: you walk on a plank on top of a skyscraper. Triggers fear of heights. Part 2: experience FLYING in VR!!! (This is the first thing you show your friends who are new to VR) Price: $14.99

Superhot - a time based shooting game. When you don’t move time stays still. As you move the time resumes and enemies move. Take your time, strategize, pre plan your movements, shots and blocks as you defeat all the enemies in the room. (Perfect game to show friends new to VR, fun from the start) Price: $24.99


       Beat Saber - this is Guitar Hero VR but with lightsabers. Arguably the best be game. 5 difficulty levels and new song packs will keep you playing forever. (Perfect game to show friends new to VR, fun from the start) Price: $29.99

       Pistol Whip - Rhythm game with explosive first-person shooter gameplay. Inspired by movies like John Wick and The Matrix. You stand on a platform that is constantly moving forward and kill all the enemies you see while avoiding getting shot. Their bullets move in slow motion like in The Matrix, allowing you to dodge them with style. (Perfect game to show friends new to VR, fun from the start) Price: $29.99

       Yupitergrad - a VR platformer meets puzzles with Indiana Jones-like navigation where you use grappling hooks and boosters to move through space. Campaign with over 50 levels, wacky plot and a dose of slavic humour and dad jokes.​ (Perfect game to show friends new to VR, fun from the start) Price: $14.99


       Sweet Surrender - a VR roguelike, a first person robo-shooter with procedurally generated maps. You have one life so when you die you start all over. Each game session feels unique because of procedurally generated maps. Every time you play it’s different maps and weapons and powerups. (Perfect game to show friends new to VR, fun from the start) Price: $24.99

     Light Brigade - a Roguelike VR Shooter with realistic gunplay. (Challenging and hardcore game for experienced players) Price: $24.99

       Ark and Ade - an action-jammed FPS arcade shooter. You dodge bullets by moving away with the joystick on the controller. The only way to progress is to go forward encountering more enemies along the way. Tons of power-ups to pick up along the way. Unique bosses to defeat. (Easy to get into. Perfect game to show friends new to VR, fun from the start) Price: $9.99

       Zero Caliber - first person shooter campaign. Over 50 levels to play and 3 difficulty settings. Complete the levels alone or team up with a friend to beat them. Online PvP available. (Takes a little practice to get good at but not too challenging, super fun once you get the hang of it) Price: $24.99

       Zenith - this is an MMORPG. It is basically World Of Warcraft but in VR or Sword Art Online if you're an anime fan. This game is a huge open world with tons of content like quests, dungeons, raids and events. The game incorporates two very fun mechanics. Everything in the game is climbable and you are able to glide. This ads a very fun element to the game that makes it feel so much more immersive. This is a game you play forever. Once you reach max level that's when you can begin to enjoy the endgame content like raids. (This game is a commitment. It is an epic game that will have tons of growth and new content being added to the game. This is a fun game to play with your friends or to make friends in.) Price: $29.99

       Contractors - ultimate first person shooter. basically VR Counter Strike or VR Call Of Duty. Single-player and Multiplayer. Lots of game modes: team death match, capture the flag, escort, free for all, and more. (Challenging to get the hang of, this is the ultimate VR shooter. This is a game for hardcore gamers. This is an eSports level game) Price: $19.99

       Until You Fall - a VR Roguelike, a melee weapon slasher dungeon crawler, you defend against enemies with well timed perfectly placed blocks and you defeat enemies with well timed perfectly placed attacks while they are vulnerable. Super fun and engaging. (Easy to get into. Perfect game to show friends new to VR, fun from the start) Price: $24.99


       Sairento - a single player Ninja Slasher Shooter. You can double, triple, even QUADRUPLE jump in the air, run on walls, do backflips, deflect bullets and slow down time. Experience what it’s like to be the ultimate ninja assassin. (Takes a bit of time to get the hang of it but once you got it, it’s insanely fun) Price: $19.99

       Vader Immortals - part 1: an interactive VR narrative experience similar to a Disney World ride. Part 2: a lightsaber dojo tons of waves of droids and drones for you to cut you as you master your lightsaber skills. Basically VR sword fighting game, you got to time perfectly placed blocks and attacks. Price: $9.99


       Resist - this is basically Spider-Man VR + guns and jet packs. You get to swing around from your grappling hooks in an open world city and complete missions and challenges at your own pace similar to GTA. It feels soooo fun and satisfying to swing around from building to building taking down enemies, you feel like a real superhero. (Fun to progress at your own pace like GTA) Price: $19.99

       Stride - parkour in VR. Run, jump, climb and shoot. Very fun and gets your adrenaline going. (Takes a bit to get the hang of it but once you do this game is fun to do a quick session every time you play VR) Price: $14.99

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