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Sativa to Indica:

The Evolution of

Cannabis Preferences



It’s funny how when you start smoking weed all you want is Sativa.  But when you’re a weed smoking veteran all you want is some Indica. 


At first you want Sativa because you want the “up” high that gives you the giggles, and you don’t like how Indica makes you feel tired. But then once you’re a seasoned veteran, the Sativa doesn’t get you as mentally high as it used to, while the Indica high doesn’t make you as tired. You want to feel a strong body high that only Indica provides and Sativa can not match.



Cannabis has been used for both recreational and medicinal purposes for centuries. Over time, users have developed specific preferences for different strains of the plant. It's fascinating to observe how these preferences often shift from a strong inclination towards Sativa in the early stages of consumption to a growing appreciation for the strong body high effects of Indica as one becomes a seasoned cannabis user. In this article, we'll explore the reasons behind this evolution of cannabis preferences.


The Sativa Appeal

For many newcomers to the world of cannabis, Sativa strains hold a unique charm. These strains are renowned for their uplifting, cerebral effects, making users feel euphoric, creative, and often even talkative. The "up" high associated with Sativa strains can be a gateway to memorable experiences, filled with laughter and social interactions. This initial fascination with Sativa can be attributed to several factors:


Novelties of the High: The Sativa high is often described as invigorating and energizing, offering a fresh and exciting experience for those new to cannabis.


Creativity and Sociability: Sativa strains can enhance creativity and sociability, making them appealing for recreational users seeking an energetic, laughter-filled atmosphere.


Avoiding Sedation: Sativa strains are known for their minimal sedative effects, allowing users to enjoy the high without the associated tiredness.


The Veteran's Transition to Indica

However, as cannabis users become more experienced, their preferences tend to shift towards Indica strains. Indica strains are famous for their calming and relaxing effects, making them ideal for unwinding and stress relief. The transition to Indica preferences can be attributed to the following reasons:

Seeking the Strong Body High: Seasoned stoners often crave the robust, noticeable body high that only Indica strains can deliver. This sensation is distinctly different from the cerebral high of Sativa and is a key driver behind their shift towards Indica as their preferred cannabis strain. It offers a profoundly relaxing and comforting experience that enhances physical sensations and overall well-being.

Tolerance Development: Over time, the effects of Sativa strains may not hit seasoned users as intensely as they used to. This can lead users to seek a stronger and more distinct high.


Stress Relief and Pain Management: Indica strains are well-suited for managing stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Their potent body high can be incredibly soothing and provide relief from physical and mental discomfort.


A Good Night's Sleep: Indica strains are particularly valuable for promoting a restful night's sleep, and experienced users often appreciate the sedative qualities that were once avoided.


Enhanced Sensory Experience: Veterans might find that the depth of experience provided by Indica strains, such as intensified flavors and aromas, is a source of delight.



In the world of cannabis, preferences evolve with experience, and the journey from Sativa to Indica is an intriguing and somewhat ironic one. While many individuals begin their cannabis exploration seeking the exhilarating "up" high of Sativa, it's often seasoned users who develop a growing affinity for the calming and body-centric effects of Indica. This transition is marked by a desire for a strong, noticeable body high that only Indica can provide, a sensation often cherished by those who have become seasoned stoners.


The irony lies in the fact that, at the outset, Sativa is the preferred choice for its novelty and lively effects, only to see Indica become the favored option over time, thanks to its soothing qualities. This shift illustrates the multifaceted nature of cannabis and how personal preferences can change as one's relationship with the plant deepens.

Shifting Gears: The Sativa to Indica Transition


In the world of green, where dreams take flight,

A story unfolds of day and night.

From Sativa's spark to Indica's grace,

A journey of strains, a changing pace.


Novices delight in Sativa's cheer,

Energetic minds, without fear.

Creativity flows, and laughter is found,

In the Sativa realm, where thoughts abound.


But seasoned stoners, their path takes a twist,

To Indica's cradle, a tranquil, soft kiss.

Tolerance grows, as Sativa's fire dims,

A yearning for Indica's deeper, calming hymns.


Stress and pain, they quickly subside,

Under Indica's spell, a soothing ride.

A peaceful night's sleep, a welcomed guest,

In the comforting arms of Indica, they rest.


Enhanced senses and flavors delight,

In Indica's embrace, a sensory flight.

But the reason they seek, that's truly supreme,

The potent body high, in Indica's dream.


As the day's light fades and stars dot the sky,

From Sativa's cerebral delight to Indica's strong body high.

An ironic transition, the cannabis way,

From day's lively start to a tranquil night's sway.

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