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Manifesting Your Reality

A Guide to Conscious Creation


Action is exerting influence over the events within your control

Transurfing is exerting influence over events outside of your control


Transurfing is thought plus emotions.

It is visualizing an event and feeling the emotions of experiencing it.
It is deliberate visualization of desired events, coupled with the authentic experience of corresponding emotions.


Transurfing is not an arcane set of techniques that you can use only after you learn about them; rather, it is an inherent aspect of human existence. Every individual engages in this process, whether consciously aware of it or not.


The reason it is important to do it correctly consciously is to make sure you don’t accidentally do it incorrectly unconsciously. 


The significance of conscious engagement lies in avoiding unintentional misalignment. There are two wrong ways and one right way of practice of Transurfing:


Wrong - Wanting something to happen, importance, desire, lack of that thing

Wrong - wanting something to not happen, attention on it, 

Right - knowing that it will happen, calm confidence, 

not wanting it but knowing it is already yours




Calm confidence not passionate desire.


You need to transurf it with the same mindset as going to the post office to pick up a package that is waiting for you. If you got a call saying there is a package you need to pick up, you would get in your car and drive over to the post office to get it. While driving you wouldn’t be experiencing passionate desire. You wouldn’t be thinking “oh I really want my package to be there. I really hope my package is there when I get there.” You have no want or desire, the package is already there. You can’t want something that you already have. You would be driving with calm confidence looking forward to receiving your package because you already know it is waiting for you.


Want and desire would be going to check your mailbox hoping that the package is there.

Calm confidence is getting a notification that your package has arrived and you going to pick it up knowing that it is waiting for you.



Example 1


You are sick on a Monday and you just find out that one of your friends is having a party on Sunday.

In scenario A: you are upset that you got sick on the week of the party. You complain about it. You think “I don’t want to be laying in bed eating soup while everyone else parties.” You call your friends and you complain to them saying you can’t believe you are sick this week and you hope you’re not sick during the weekend, and that you don’t want to miss the party.  It doesn’t matter that you had the words “don’t” attached to those things, you were still visualizing the events and you were adding emotion of sadness anger frustration when talking about them. Then comes the weekend and you are still sick, at home laying in bed eating soup while everyone else parties.


In scenario B you are not worried about the sickness and are counting on feeling better by the time the party happens. You think “I’m gonna get through this, there is no way I am missing this party” You call your friends and talk about the party asking who is going to be there. You are asking because you are imagining you being well on Sunday and at the party and want to know who you will be seeing. Your friend says hes getting drink and you ask them if you can pick up some drinks for you too. You are doing this because you are counting on being well enough by Sunday to be drinking those drinks. The entire time you are unconsciously transurfing by imagining yourself at the party hanging out with the people you learned out are coming and by imagining yourself drinking the drinks you asked your friend to get for you. Then comes the weekend and you are feeling better and able to go enjoy the party just like you thought.


In both scenarios you took the same actions in the 3D, you took the same medicine, ate the same diet, took the same precautions. It was your mindset and unconscious transurfing that determined which event you got to experience. 

It is possible to achieve all your goals without the help of transurfing. You can just brute force it with pure action in the 3D. But if you implement transurfing then shortcuts will open up for you to experience your goals faster.


Example 2


You want to get a new job.


In scenario A you are desperate to get hired. You really want and need this job. You have bills piling up and you need to get hired as soon as possible. You apply with a lot of want and desire of getting hired. You put a lot of importance on this event. You also have fears and worries that you might not get hired. You worry that you might not be as qualified as the other candidates. After filling out enough applications you eventually get a job but it took you 2 months to get it through brute force in the 3d.


In scenario B you are calm and confident that you are about to start a new job. You are excited to start working again. You start organizing your bills and creating a shopping list because you are expecting to have money to take care of them soon. You apply to these jobs with no high importance for any of them. You also have no worries that you won’t get hired. You think that with you filling out this many applications one of them is bound to hire you. After some time you get a job and this time it only took you 2 weeks to get it. This is what happens when you use transurfing to your advantage. 




Manifesting Principles

The universe reflects your assumptions except the reflection doesn't happen instantly, it happens on a time delay.

Whatever thoughts you're thinking and feelings you’re feeling, the universe is going to manifest a life in which you get to continue thinking those thoughts and feeling those feelings.


If you’re thinking and feeling, “I want something” you will get a life in which you get to continue thinking and feeling that you want that thing. (Meaning you lack it)


If you’re thinking and feeling, “I don’t want something” you will get a wife in which you get to continue thinking how much you don’t want that thing, meaning it is present in your life


If you think I feel, “I am so grateful that I have something” (even if you don’t at first) then you will get a life in which you get to continue thinking and feeling grateful that you have that thing.

Blessings in Disguise

Anytime, something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, you must view it as a blessing in disguise.

You must do this not because it’s guaranteed that it is a blessing in disguise, but because you want it to turn out to be.

Sometimes when things don’t go the way you wanted them to, it's just a negative thing with nothing good to come from it. You want to avoid that being the case. Being upset over that thing will increase the chances of it just being negative.

Viewing it as a blessing in disguise increases the chance of that negative leading to a positive outcome.

Not Simply "Luck"
But A System With A Predictable Cause And Effect


Each positive synchronistic event on its own can be dismissed as simply a “lucky coincidence”. But what cannot be dismissed is the frequency of these events appearing in your life. Prior to practicing transurfing the rate at which synchronistic events or “lucky coincidences” take place in your life is irregular, occasional, and once in a while. This is the case for most people. After practicing transurfing the rate at which these synchronistic events take place will increase drastically. You will begin to notice yourself having “lucky coincidences” a lot more. This points to the fact that it’s not simply luck, it’s a direct effect of your efforts in maintaining the practice. It’s not random, it is a system with a predictable cause and effect. The more time and energy you devote to transurfing the higher the rate at which positive synchronistic events take place in your life.

Ancient Schools Of Thought


Law of attraction, Manifestation, Transurfing are not some new information. They are a repackaging of ancient, sacred and occult schools of thought passed down for ages. They are a repackaging of the knowledge of Hermetics, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, and Jewish Kabbalah. For the longest time this knowledge was hidden from common man and only privy to the initiated few who have risen through the ranks and proven that they are a person of good character and can be trusted with such tools. Now there are free Audiobooks on YouTube explaining this knowledge and how to use it.

Books To Listen To

Transurfing in 78 Days - A Practical Course in Creating Your Own Reality

Reality Transurfing Step 1 - 5

Reality Transurfing Main Conepts


Threads of Gratitude: A Poetic Design


In the realm where thoughts and feelings weave,

A tapestry of life, the universe perceives.

"I want," you cry with fervent desire,

A life unfolds, fueling the wanting fire.


"I don't want," echoes, a refrain of disdain,

Yet irony dances in this cosmic domain.

For what you resist, persistently clings,

In the tapestry of life, a paradox sings.


"I am grateful," a mantra of serene delight,

Even if reality hasn't yet taken flight.

The universe listens, it starts to conspire,

A life of gratitude, it begins to acquire.


So, in thoughts and feelings, the universe aligns,

A poetic dance of life's grand design.

Manifesting the echoes, the rhymes untold,

In the tales of the universe, our stories unfold.






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