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How Cold Exposure

Changed My Life

In the realm of self-improvement, there exists a practice often overlooked, yet profoundly transformative: cold water exposure.  I want to share the remarkable impact this seemingly simple ritual has had on my life.  What began as a mere curiosity evolved into a powerful tool for personal growth, reshaping my mindset, bolstering my resilience, and awakening me to a newfound sense of vitality. I invite you to discover how this practice has changed my life — one invigorating plunge at a time.


There are 4 categories of benefits you receive from this practice.

First is the immediate feeling of being awake and alert and having motivation to take on difficult tasks. This comes from the 200% increase in dopamine levels you receive right after.


Second is the increase in your ability to endure discomfort. You are becoming mentally stronger and more disciplined.


Third is the increase in your ability to calm yourself down in stressful situations.

Finally is the host of long term health benefits you receive from cold exposure.


So lets begin with the increase in dopamine. This is an effect that you can feel right away and it is quite enjoyable. This is due to the 200% increase in dopamine after cold exposure. For me this has been the number one reason why I do this. Dopamine is responsible for your motivation. When you have low dopamine levels you will feel lazy and unmotivated, you will put off doing difficult things. When you have high dopamine levels you feel ready to take challenges and get through your difficult tasks. Starting out my day with this boost has been the greatest experience. In addition to motivation, you actually feel a high. You feel light and energized, you feel like you have electricity rushing through your body and it feels soo good. 


The second reason to do cold exposure is to build mental strength and discipline. The more you do this the more you increase your ability to tolerate discomfort. Naturally we are programed to avoid discomfort any chance we get. We are always looking to walk the path of least resistance. But often times the path that involves discomfort is the one to have the greatest benefit for you. By constantly exposing yourself to it and overcoming the discomfort you are increasing your ability to tolerate it in every day life. This builds your mental fortitude giving you the strength to take on life’s challenges instead of looking for way to avoid them. 

Third is your ability to calm yourself down in stressful situations. You are not supposed to endure the uncomfortableness of the cold. You are supposed to control your body to lower your sensation of the cold to a neutral point. When you can use the power of breathwork to stop your body from shivering, lower your heart rate and remain calm in a physically stressful situation, you will be able to do the same in a mentally stressful situation. The better you get at calming your body in a cold plunge the better you will be able to do it in every day life.

The fourth reason to do cold exposure is for the huge amount of long term health benefits that come from doing this practice. 


Below is a list of the benefits:

Enhanced Mood 

Release of Endorphins

Increased Energy​

Improved Circulation​

Improved Skin and Hair Health 

Faster Muscle Recovery 

Enhanced Respiratory Health

Increased Metabolism

Improved Immune Function

Enhanced Lymphatic System Function


You can check out the article below for a detailed explanation of each of the benefits.

In conclusion, embracing cold water exposure has been a transformative journey. It's not merely about the immediate jolt of dopamine that fuels motivation or the myriad of health benefits that extend far beyond the initial plunge, but rather the profound shift in mindset it has instilled within me. It is about the cultivation of mental resilience and discipline. Each icy immersion serves as a catalyst for personal growth. As we learn to master our body's response to the cold, we also hone our ability to remain calm in the face of life's inevitable stressors. As I continue to embark on this transformative journey, I am not only experiencing tangible benefits like improved mood and vitality but also cultivating a deeper sense of self-awareness and resilience. Cold water exposure isn't just a ritual; it's become a cornerstone of my daily life, shaping me into a more vibrant, stronger version of myself with each invigorating plunge.

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