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Why It Is Important To Experience A High And Sober Perspective

When you smoke weed it gives you a heightened sense of awareness. Sometimes that can manifest as paranoia. You start thinking everyone is looking at you and that everyone knows you’re high.But it’s important to remember that you are just experiencing a heightened state of  awareness. 


This heightened awareness alters the way you think about things.Besides making things more funny and coming up with highdeas, there is some real value to be gained from this heightened awareness.


It is important to get high once in a while, in order to experience a high perspective. The same way if you’re always smoking, it is important to take a break from getting high, in order to experience a sober perspective.


Neither one is better, both have benefits and both have blindspots. 

For example, if I was sober all week monday through friday, then comes saturday and I get high. All the things I was thinking about during the week with my sober perspective, I will begin to reexamine and think about with my high perspective.


The person that you were mad at all week, you now think “I shouldn’t be so hard on them, people make mistakes,” The person that you were letting push your around all week, you now think “im done letting them tell me what to do, 

I’m gonna stand up for myself” It lets you notice the mistakes in your thinking

that you were unable to see while under a sober perspective.


The opposite is also true. If I was high all week monday through friday, 

come saturday and I spend the day sober, all the things I thought about during the week, I will begin to reexamine and think about with a sober perspective. 


In conclusion, if you spend extended periods of time either in a high or sober state of mind, it is important to take a break and experience the other once in a while. There could be important perspectives that you are missing out on, that could help you see the blindspots in your own thinking as well as help you make better decisions

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