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Understanding Consciousness 

through the lens of AI systems (concept)

We have a modeling system that creates a model of the physical word around us.

The modeling system also creates a model of ourselves as an agent operating within the model of the world. (It creates a story of you.)

You also have a prediction system. This system takes in information from its environment, and based on the data in its current model it makes a prediction of what is going to happen.

The prediction system is an algorithm trying to solve an optimization problem. The system is trying to minimize the difference between what it predicted is going to happen (the input) and what actually happened (the output).

If the prediction is true, it updates the model strengthening the connections of those data points (neurons). If the prediction is not true, it updates the model with new connections of data points.

There is a programmed goal that we are constantly striving to achieve. That goal is survival. On a short term level, it’s all the things you need to meet your needs. And on a long term level, it’s doing everything you need to do in order to attract a partner to pass on your DNA.

Our consciousness software system:

has a modeling system

models the environment

models ourselves as an agent operating within the model of the environment

has a prediction system

runs an algorithm trying to solving an optimization problem between input and output

constantly self updating based on prediction outcome

overall goal of the system is survival

short term goal is to meet your needs

long term goal is to pass on your DNA

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