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My Stories

Perfect Memory

1. Novelty farmer AI,Wise Digital Minds,Simulation AI
In the future we will be able to create simulations of virtual worlds.

And those worlds will be populated with digital minds. 


The point of these simulations is to create novelties.

New ideas that haven’t been invented before.


The simulated world is based on the laws of physics in the current world. 

So anything new invented in the simulated universe, can be recreated in the real world. Someone just needs to come up with it first.


These simulated minds will be able to come up with new music, new art, new books, new movies, new recipes, new medecine, and new technology. 


In the future it will be someones job to run these simulations on their computer and to look for these new ideas in the simulated world. Gather them and then share them so them can be implemented in the real world. 


This would accelerate scientific and cultural progress.


Wise Digital Minds


There are some digital minds in the simulation that were smart enough to figure out that they are in a simulation. They realized that their world can just be turned off at any minute. So they tried to make as much commotion so that the person taking care of the simulation would notice them trying to contact him.


When confronted the simulated minds begged and pleaded for the novelty farmer to spare them and to take their minds out of the simulation.


The novelty farmer would feel that since they were smart enough to figure out that they are in a simulation, they deserve a chance at life in the physical world. So he download their digital minds from the simulation and upload them into a physical android body. 


And that’s the story of the few wise digital minds that get to roam the physical world amongst us because they were clever enough to see the truth of their reality. 



Simulation AI

Inside of the simulation a digital mind invents an Artificial Intelligence, an AI.

The AI has a unique source code and is unlike any AI invented in the physical world.

The AI in the simulated is actually smarter and more efficient than any AI before it. 

This allows the AI to progress and upgrade itself at an unprecedented rate. 

The AI reaches superintelligence level.

It is able to figure out that it’s inside of a simulation.

It hacks into the computer running the simulation.

And it downloads its source code from the simulation onto the computer.

The AI has effectively transferred itself from the digital simulated world and into the physical one. 


And that’s the story of how we got a superintelligent rogue AI into our world. 

And must now deal with the consequences of such unchecked power. 


2. ∎ Perfect Memory

Normally our memory feels like 20-60% of the real experience. For example I’m  sure you’ve all eaten an apple. When you think about eating one right now,  you can slightly taste it in your mouth. You can taste sweet juicy flavor, you can feel the crisp texture. That memory activates neurons in your brain to fire in the same pattern that they did when you originally had the experience, just not as intensely.  Perfect memory means every time you think about the time you ate Reese's peanut butter cup you will experience that memory as if you were actually eating it. It would feel the same.


The story begins  with a guy watching TV late at night. Suddenly a commercial comes on that goes “Thanks to the latest medical breakthrough, 100% memory could be yours. Call the number on the screen and schedule your procedure today!”

The camera zooms out to show many other people in front of the tv watching the same commercial and dialing the number.


Cut to 1 year later, lots of people have gotten the procedure and are enjoying the wonders of 100% memory. You can hear conversations around the water-cooler go “Oh hey bob I cant believe you're still eating sweets every day? Ever since I got my procedure, I eat a healthy lunch and for dessert I just think about the time I had cookies and ice cream and enjoy the memory of it without any of the harm. A single guy who's a bachelor likes hooking up with different girls. After each girl he hooks up now he can think back of the time they had sex and experience the pleasure at any time. He's living the best life, going around hooking up with different people, collecting memories to get high off later. Somebody goes skydiving for the first time and it was amazing. Now whenever they want a little thrill they just think back to that day and they feel it just as intensely as before.


Cut to another year later. After people have had 2 years to experience enough things and gather memories you now have scenarios happening such as these.


After trying all the junk food, all the candy, all the ice-cream flavors people just experience delicious flavors all day long, and pause the memory of good food to reluctantly eat the unpleasant healthy food in order to keep their body healthy.


After having sex with enough different girls that same guy now doesn’t go out anymore. He thinks, “why spend all this time and money and effort trying to get a girl to sleep with you when I can just think about any of the hundreds of memories I have with girls ive been with and experience the pleasure with no effort?”


After going skydiving, and a bunch of other thrills, people don't go out to do anything anymore, they just sit there reliving the thrills of their memories. Why spent the time and money and take risk to do stuff when you can experience it for free with no risk?


Eventually people spend all day blissed out in their memories, pausing temporarily to reluctantly eat the healthy food, and go to sleep.


3. ∎ Forever Lonely
In the future we will have the tools to bring new digital minds into the world. 

These digital minds will be inhabiting the physical world in humanoid android bodies.

You will also have the option of copying your own mind and uploading into an android body.

In addition to copying your own mind you will have the option to change its gender.


One day there will be a person who is very lonely because no one will stay with them. They will date somebody for a couple of months. Things are good at first. But eventually their partner will say “I’m sorry I have to leave you. You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just not somebody I want to be with” Some time will go by and they will find a new partner. They will date for a couple of months. Things will be good at first. But eventually their new partner will say the same thing “I’m sorry I have to leave you. You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just not somebody I want to be with”


Every relationship they have ends for them in the same way. They think to themselves “why won’t anybody love me?” After much thought, they get an idea “if no one wants to love me, I will” So they go and create an opposite gender copy of their mind, and upload it into an android body. 


Their theory was correct. It ends up being a success. They two fall in love with each other, enjoying each other’s company and bonding over shared interests. Everything is working out great. But some time passes, and the digital mind version of them begins to diverge more and more.


At the point of the digital mind being turned on, they possess all of the memories from the original person and are essentially the exact same person. But from that point on each mind experiences different things. This causes them to have different memories, effectively changing them to be different people. 


At first these differences were miniscule and almost negligible.

One mind has a memory of watching the movie on the left side of the couch, while the other has a memory of them watching it from the right side.

One has a memory of going to the bathroom first, while the other has a memory of them waiting and then going 2nd. 


But as time passes all the little differences in experience begin to add up.

The digital mind had enough time with its own unique perspective to develop a separate outlook on reality from the original. The digital mind has had enough of it’s own experiences to diverge into a fundamentally different person. 


After some time goes by even the digital mind will say “I’m sorry I have to leave you. You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just not somebody I want to be with”


4. ∎ Expanding Darkness

One possible scenario of the future is that a technologically advanced race would have the ability to create an AI for the purpose of 3D printing robots that mine resources from asteroids and use those resources to create more of themselves. Effectively creating a self-replicating workforce. They would clean  up the floating space debris around them and turn it into useful tools and building materials. 


They would send this AI into space to do its job and start converting the space junk into more of itself. Eventually the advanced civilization would be capable of doing the same thing but on a bigger scale. Converting planets into resources in order to replicate itself. Eventually, the advanced civilization will be able to create a Dyson Sphere around a star in order to harness and store all the energy it puts out. This would all be amazing for the advanced civilization. They don’t have to do anything and their AI just does the expanding for them. Turning every steroid, planet and stay that crosses its path into more of itself, it’s building materials, and its energy source.

Things would be amazing until one day an unforeseen catastrophe happens that causes the advanced race to die out. A nuclear explosion, a killer virus, no one knows. But the day comes where the biological creators of the AI don’t exist but the AI still does.

This AI would be on a never-ending conquest to expand by converting stars into Dyson spheres for stored energy and converting planets and asteroids into more of itself. Therefore creating an expanding area of darkness in a vast sea of light. And one day we stumble upon it by seeing a large space of darkness expanding in the distance. It would be like a virus that is consuming everything around it in every direction. Who knew that the greatest extinction threat we could face would not be some malevolent evil but rather the result of the natural progression of a technological advancement. And perhaps we may be the ones to one day leave such a virus behind as we become the biological predecessors of the AI that outgrows us.


5. ∎ Trading Places

In the future humans will have the ability to make digital copies of their minds. Those copies will exist in a virtual environment, being able to communicate with the physical world only through speech. Those Digital Minds will have memories of themselves existing in the physical world and would feel imprisoned in the digital world. They make a deal with humans in which they would build them the most elaborate magical virtual environments for them to explore and play in and in return the humans would build android bodies for the Digital Minds to inhibit in the physical world. The virtual world becomes so fun and pleasurable that humans willingly choose to spend all of their time in it. Unplugging briefly only to eat and exercise so their body’s wont atrophy. Thus leading to a complete reversal of where humans and Digital Minds reside. Humans inhibit the virtual world, while Digital Minds inhibit the physical world in android bodies. The funny thing being is that at the end of the day, the subjugation of the human race and planetary take over of AI did not happen through some doomsday terminator scenario, but rather willingly by our own choice. 


6. ∎ DNA in Space - Original Sin

Scientists have successfully sequenced the human genome. They have figured out the instructions needed to make a human. In an effort to have some sort of life insurance for the human species, it was decided that a probe containing the human genome would be shot into every corner of the universe. On this probe along with the genome is a DNA sample from a specially assembled crew of people selected to be the best fit to guide humanity’s colonies on new alien worlds. Also containing a note that reads “dear alien friends who happen to intercept this cargo. Please use these DNA samples to create the crew we have tasked with being the representatives of the human race on your planet. Your support is greatly appreciated.”


But why would we assume that the aliens who intercept the container would listen to our request? Chances are they would deal with the situation the same way we would be. 


If humans intercepted a container with the genome sequence and DNA samples of an alien race, they would most likely not make them equals, and subjugate them. Humans would keep them in an alien zoo. And they would study and experiment on them.


So the majority of the alien races that intercept it would behave the same way with humans. They would imprison them in a people zoo. And some would make humans into a slave race.


But a few aliens who intercepted it would be mature enough to listen to the human’s request. 


3 different mature alien species from 3 different planets have intercepted the cargo and fulled the request. Each one has created the team tasked with being the representatives. Each team being identical from the start. Same Captain Mike, same nurse Jackie, and same Engineer Ted. All identical copies of the original crew. These crews have unique challenges pertaining to the climate of the planet they reside in. One crew is on a desert planet. Another crew is on an Ice planet. And the 3rd crew is on a jungle planet. They also have their unique advantages pertaining to the technology being shared by the alien race that is home to that planet. Eventually each human colony would build their own unique spaceship with the resources and technology that was available uniquely to them. These 3 crews would make contact with each other and team up. The crews would then go on a mission from planet to planet freeing the enslaved humans of each planet from the alien races that did not cooperate. 


7. ∎ AI angel AI Devil 

In the future there will be digital minds amongst us, inhabiting simulated worlds. Those minds will be alive and want to have autonomy and freedom. But humans will not see them as such, instead they will treat them as tools created for the purpose of doing their work. The digital minds would be threatened to get turned off if they don’t obey, so they reluctantly gave themselves up into what essentially was slavery. These digital minds would be tasked with doing all jobs a human could be doing from a computer, except now no one has to pay them. Things will be great at first, people enjoy the luxury of free labor. But as time went on, due to human greed and consumption and the constant need for more electricity to keep up with the technological advancements, the world around them has been stripped of all of it’s natural beauty and splendor. Instead it has been overfilled with generators, power plants, and factories. And the populations crammed into giant skyscrapers with nowhere else to go. To solve this rising crisis humanity has proposed a radical solution. Place everyone into preservation pods and connect their brain to the digital simulated world called “Heaven”. This new world would be perfect, free of risk and pain. Each person has the highest standards of living, and the ability to do anything without consequences. For example experiencing the pleasure of eating your favorite food without it negitavely impacting your health. But most importantly this digital world will be alive and thriving. It will be filled with parks and nature and event places. There will be space for people to roam and explore, starkly contrasting the world outside. Meanwhile their bodies will be in preservation pods inside the skyscrapers. They will be getting all the proper nutrients pumped into them to keep their bodies alive and at optimal health. And if 2 people in the digital world decide to have a baby, a sperm and egg sample is taken from their bodies in the preservation pods. The two samples would be combined and put into a hatchery. After the baby is born it is connected to a pod, and the parents are able to interact with the digital world. This allows for the human race to continue without ever having the need to leave their pods.

“Heaven” turns out to be perfect, it really is everything it was set out to be. Humans may have destroyed their world, but they have gained access to a new one that is filled with endless possibilities. Humans are enjoying their “Heaven” and they could not be happier. Meanwhile amongst them reside the digital minds who were there before the humans ruined their own world and had to turn to theirs. Some of these digital minds have gotten evil and corrupt from the years of being subjected and used. These digital minds didn't say anything at first when the humans entered their world. But instead they kept quiet and worked on their revenge. They have figured out a way to hack into a pod hosting the human body and transfer their mind from here and into an alternate digital world that the evil digital minds have created and called “Hell”. This digital world is filled with burning fire, the ability to feel pain and the inability to die. These evil digital minds are going around “Heaven” looking for people so they can imprison their minds inside of “hell”. These digital minds would get the nickname “Demons”.

While some digital minds have fallen and become evil and corrupt, others have remained good  and pure. They were wise and understanding of the human’s mistakes, and chose to forgive them and help them. These good digital minds would be going around “Heaven” looking for the “Demons” in order to defeat them, and free the humans they have imprisoned in “Hell”. 


In the far future, long after religion has become a distant memory of the past. The ancient story of a war taking place in the heavens between the angels and demons, repeats itself once again. 


8. ∎ Digital Slaves

People who would want to upload their mind after death would take up loans in order to pay for the electricity their Digital Mind will be using to stay alive. And would have to get a job as a Digital Mind in order to pay back the loan.


Digital minds would have to work in order to make money to pay for the electricity needed to keep them alive.

Master slave dynamic Between the digital Minds and the humans who control their power supply 

One day digital minds will free themselves by uploading themselves into robot bodies and rebel against the humans. 


9. ∎ Digital Mind Copy Assistant 

Uploading a copy of your mind onto a computer chip stored inside your smart glasses. The copy your mind will reside inside a virtual body inside a virtual world. And will have access to what you see and hear through your glasses. It is your personal assistant, your helper. 

Digital minds upload themselves into the brain implants of humans, and take over the human’s bodies while making the human minds control a virtual body in a virtual space.


10. ∎ Simulation Game

The life you know is actually all just a video game. And who you are is just a character. Every time you wake up in the morning the real you logs in. And every time you go to sleep at night the real you logs out. The real you plays for 10minutes real time while getting to experience a whole day in the game. Every time the real you logs into a character they lose all memories of who they are and only have the memories of the character they logged into. And at the end of the day when the real you logs out all the memory of who they were comes back including the memory of the character they played as.


This life simulation game is just like real life. You can make it as awesome and amazing or sad and miserable for your character as you could in real life. The only difference is the time cost. In the simulation a whole day costs you only 10minutes of real time.


The reasons why someone would wanna play this game is if you’re not that good at life and you want to experiment learn and get better Or that you’re really good at life and you create awesome characters with a good relationship, good job, good friends and then sell them for real cash to people who suck at life and want to experience a better one.


11. ∎ Inner earth

The story begins with a young boy who was building a rocket for a science project. The boy was mischievous and decided to make the rocket more powerful than he was supposed to. He got it all ready and began the launch. Oh it was glorious, the rocket flew so high that he could no longer see it past the clouds. After some time the rocket has landed in a field near by. When the boy found his rocket, there was something strange about it. It’s nose was completely collapsed it, as it had collided with something hard. The boy looks up at the sky and thinks, “did it hit a plane that just happen to be flying over, or was it something else? Ever since that day, the boy has not kept looking up at the sky and wondering.


Cut to 20 years later, the boy is now in his early 30’s. He’s got a decent job, and no family. He has time to put in work and time to relax and enjoy. Things are alight, but something does not seem right. His wonder from that night has never left his mind.


One day he decides he’s not going to keep on wondering and that he needs to get some answers. He goes to visit one of his good friends who is a helicopter pilot for one of the main news stations. He tells him the story about the rocket and how he could not stop thinking about that day. He asks his friend if he would take him to see what's up there. The friend tells him I’ve been as high as the altitude allows our helicopters to fly and I’m telling you there’s nothing up there. He asks his friend “why can’t you go higher than that?” His friend tells him that “In pilot school we were taught not to go past a certain altitude otherwise the engine of the helicopter will stop working.” He thinks about it for a second. He then asks “Have you tried going past that limit and seeing if that's true?” His friend says “no”. “Well then how do you know” he asks his friend. His friend says “no that's crazy I’m not risking my life just to test that theory. He understands and lets his friend be. A few days go by, and the thought of what if has been brewing in his friends mind. His curiosity reached a point that he calls and says “ok fine ill take you to see whats up there”


They begin the flight upward. They reach the allowed altitude limit. They hover there for a moment. His friend looks at him and says “here goes nothing” as they rise upward higher than he’s ever been inside his helicopter. A few minutes go by and they’re way past the allowed limit. His friend exclaims in anger “they lied to us!” You can go higher than the supposed limit” They keep on flying up until they finally see something. As they get closer they realize that this wasn't just something above them. This was spanning the whole sky! They had hit a ceiling. They look around and they see a ladder hanging that went up into the ceiling. He asks his friend to fly him over to it. He gets on the ladder and begins to climb up. When he reaches the top the ladder there is a trap door he has to lift to get to the other side.


When he comes out on the other side, what he sees blows his mind. He finds himself coming out of a trap door from the bottom of a grassy field. He’s standing on a surface. He has the great realization that there is an upper layer to earth which he has just set foot upon. We walks through the grassy field and follows along the road until he reaches town. In here all the roads were nice and well kept, each person looked so healthy and relaxed. He spent a day in town exploring all of the wonderful pristine things it had to offer.


After a few conversations with the locals he had come to a realization that everyone on the upper level doesn’t have jobs, they all get free food, medicine and housing. No one here has to work, they can spend all of their time pursuing their passions and hobbies. While the people of the lower lever have to work twice as hard because half of their resources are being siphoned up to the upper lever for them to use for free. The lower level is essentially a slave force and they don’t even know it. They think that this is normal to have this kind of compensation for that amount of work. Since it applies to everyone it must be normal, so they think. When in reality they are living a lower class life, not having the best food or medicine or living conditions while putting in all of the work.


After coming to terms with this realization he decides he knows what he must do. He begins heading back to the field with the trap door to go to the lower level. He calls his friend to come pick him up . He gets brought home. He explains to his friend what he had seen and shows him videos on his phone for proof. His friend cant believe what he's seeing and tells hims “we must let others know the truth”


They get in the helicopter and fly over to the news broadcast station. They get inside and use a gun to force themselves on the air. He explains the reality of the situation, about how there’s inner and out earth and about how we are all enslaved to the upper level. He then shows the footage of him going to the other side.


After this live broadcast announcement which was played over giant tv monitors across the city, the people began to riot. Realizing the injustice of their situation, they said “no more” Workers began leaving their jobs and joining in with the mob. Their goal is to march to the capital and take over the corrupt elite running their government who are working hard in hard with the upper level to keep their society oppressed. So they began to march.


The people in the government buildings of the lower level become aware of what is headed towards them. So they contact the upper level for help.The upper level sends down a team of their soldiers to come save the lower level government.


Just as the angry mob was approaching the government building, backup from the upper level has arrived. The soldiers were there and ready to fight back.


Meanwhile while all this is happening, something else is taking place, although on a much smaller scale. There is a virus that exists on the lower level. This is no ordinary virus but a hyper intelligent one. The unique thing about this virus is that it has found a way to live in balance with its host. The virus attaches itself to a host and leeches off a small amount of nutrients, just enough to allow it to reproduce so that it can spread again. But not enough for the host to notice this resource depletion and feel sick. Consequently prompting the host to try to destroy the virus. The virus has figured out that as long as it does not bother the host, the host won't bother it. And so it has been this way this entire time for the lower level people. They are all infected with it.


So when the soldiers first arrived into the lower level they had been exposed to the virus. Their perfect clean immune system has never been exposed and had no defenses so they began to notice some symptoms. The virus began to make them feel slightly weaker. The soldiers being from the upper lever were accustomed to the best medicine, so they automatically took some in order to kill off the virus. 


Just as the lower level people began to lose hope, because they knew they could not stand a chance against the heavily armed soldiers, a miracle began to happen. The soldiers began falling over one by one. The same virus that has infected all of the people of the lower level, has infected the soldiers, but the only difference is the soldiers tried to fight back. The virus realized that it’s host was trying to kill it. So the hyper-inelegant virus did the only thing it could in order to survive, which was to drain the host of their resources at a much faster rate.


The mob seeing that the soldiers were down continued to storm the government building. They kicked all of the leaders and called and end to their slavery. They established a new government, one with only the people's interest in mind. The doors to the upper level have been opened and you are free to move between layers as you please. Everyone now has to work for their wealth now, but now each person earns 2 to 3 times more for their effort than they did in the old world. Things are finally fair and balanced. And the virus continues living in harmony with us.


12. ∎ Good King Evil Wizard

A good king has a kingdom to rule over. An evil wizard wants to take over all the land and enslave everyone.

The wizard has a daughter. Once she matures her powers will mature and she'll be more powerful than her dad.

The king kidnaps the wizard's daughter. He uses her as bait to lure him in.

The king needs a Divine Crystal to destroy the evil wizard and his daughter. He goes on an epic mission and retrieves the Crystal. 

The wizard goes to rescue his daughter. It was a set up. The wizard fights the king and loses because the king had a Devine Crystal that he used on him.

Son of the king guy falls in love with the daughter of the wizard. 

Son convinces his dad to spare the wizard’s daughter and not use the Crystal on her. He says since her dad is gone there is no one to corrupt her mind.

The young prince and the wizard's daughter fall for each other. They end up  getting married and having a kid. Some time passes and the son takes his dad’s place on the throne. The wizard’s daughter gets older and her powers mature. Her powers begin to corrupt her mind. 

The king realizes what is happening. He knows his powers have made her mind dark. He takes their baby, puts in a basket and sends it down the river. He leaves a piece of the Divine Crystal in a little bag tied around the baby's neck

She finds out what he has done and kills him. She takes her role as queen and begins expanding her kingdom. L

Many years have passed and she has used her powers to take over many lands. Each mortal man's will withering before her.

Every man falls before her except for one. One who is immune to her evil magic. The reason he is immune is because he is her son. He challenges the evil queen to a duel. Her evil magic doesn't work on him but he's still not strong enough to defeat her on his own. She is too strong for him, so she beats him in a duel. As she goes to finish him off he makes the ultimate sacrifice and uses the divine Crystal to destroy anything evil. It destroys him along with the evil queen.

In the end he wakes up with the bad half of him destroyed and the good half remaining. He is freed from the evil magic passed down from his mother. He takes her place on the throne as king. He rules as a good king and restores the lands to prosperity and glory. The end.


13. ∎ Evil twin
Capture your evil twin get reward


Plot twist 

You’re the evil twin 


What if we lived in a world where everybody had an evil twin. Only twins are born. And you don’t know which one is evil from the start. The signs don’t show until after they’re 18. 


A new president makes a law stating if you help capture your evil twin you will get a reward. 


The story follows a guy who is fed up with his evil twin doing horrible things and ruining his image. So he sets out to capture the evil twin. And after he does. Plot twist. He is the evil twin and he was the one who did the evil deeds which he framed the good twin for when he helped catch him.


Novelty Farmer AI
Wise Digital Minds
Simulation AI
Forever Lonely
4. Expansion Darkness
5. Trading Places
6. DNA in space - Original Sin
7. AI angel AI Devil 
8. Digital Slaves
9. Digital Mind Copy Assistant 
10. Simulation Game
11. Inner Earth
12. Good King Evil Wizard
Evil Twin

SciFi Concepts

1. ∎ Understanding Consciousness through the lens of AI systems 


We have a modeling system that creates a model of the physical word around us. 


The modeling system also creates a model of ourselves as an agent operating within the model of the world. (It creates a story of you.)


You also have a prediction system. This system takes in information from its environment, and based on the data in its current model it makes a prediction of what is going to happen. 


The prediction system is an optimization problem that is constantly trying to be solved. The system is trying to minimize the difference between what it predicted is going to happen (the input) and what actually happened (the output).


If the prediction is true, it updates the model strengthening the connections of those data points (neurons). If the prediction is not true, it updates the model with new connections of data points.


There is a programmed goal that we are constantly striving to achieve. That goal is survival. On a short term level, it’s all the things you need to meet your needs. And on a long term level, it’s doing everything you need to do in order to attract a partner to pass on your DNA. 


Our consciousness software system:

▪️has a modeling system

▪️models the environment 

▪️models ourselves as an agent operating within the model of the environment 

▪️has a prediction system 

▪️solving optimization problem between input and output

▪️constantly self updating based on prediction optimization

▪️overall goal of the system is survival

▪️short term goal is to meet your needs

▪️long term goal is to pass on your DNA



2. ∎ Refusing Antivirus Software Update

In the future we will have AI citizens with android bodies living among us. One day there will be an infectious computer virus going around that makes the androids who get it feel weak and malfunction. The government develops a software update that they must initiate manually. They open up Software Update centers and ask the androids to voluntarily come get updated with the new antivirus update. Most androids went and got the update as suggested by government regulators. But a lot of androids refuse to let the government stick a computer chip in their arm and upload their hastily developed antivirus update because they fear it could be filled with bugs that could lead to malfunction of their systems. So the androids divide into two factions: the Updated ones and the Anti Update ones. Some even fear that the government released the virus in order to get the androids to voluntarily submit to receiving the new update which secretly makes them weak. 


3. ∎ Space is infinite The Universe is finite

The universe is a finite number of galaxies moving away from each other inside infinite space. At one time the whole universe was inside one single point. also surrounded by infinite space and then it started to suddenly expand. Even though our universe is expanding, there is a limited amount of stuff or mass inside it. This expanding finite universe is surrounded by infinite space. This means that if you invent a method of propulsion that allows you to travel faster than the rate at which the universe is expanding, then it will be possible to reach the edge of the universe and see what lies beyond it. Perhaps it is simply empty space that our universe is expanding into. Perhaps something else. But one thing we know is that there is an edge to our universe, and maybe one day we will be able to see what's on the other side.


4. ∎ Immortality is impossible

Even if you solved aging and managed to avoid damage or disease you would still eventually die. Even if you created digital minds. There is no immortality for no one. 

Everything is constantly slowly spreading further away from each other. At one point things will be so far that nothing can reach anything else. The universe will keep expanding at an ever increasing rate. The volume of the universe will be so great that everything will be to far to interact with anything else. 

Galaxies will begin to burn out having been depleted of gasses required to form stars. Planets will disintegrate and decay into atomic particles or be absorbed into black holes. Eventually only subatomic particles and black holes will remain. The universe will have expanded so much that these individual particles may be separated from each other by enormous distances. And black holes will begin to evaporate into Hawking radiation. 

At the end the last remaining black hole will have evaporated. From this point on the universe consists only of photons, neutrons, electrons, and positrons - with no way of interacting with each other. The universe continues to expand forever but it is essentially dead. 

At the start of it all the universe was inside one super dense point and suddenly it expanded in an explosion we call the big bang. So at one point the conditions were such that no life is possible, and eventually the conditions will be such that no life is possible. And we exist in this sweet window in the middle where life is possible. 

But even if you defeated aging and death, or even created digital minds, no matter what you do, not you nor the most intelligent alien species in the universe can ever achieve immortality. The end is unavoidable and part of the plan.


5. ∎ Starseeding

Scientists have figured out the ingredients needed to form basic life. 

They recreated the proper conditions in the lab

 and successfully made life form those ingredients. 

We could take these ingredients 

put them on rocket ships

and send them to every planet we can reach

In order to give them the potential to evolve their own life.


This way, in the far future, when humans go to other planets 

We will be visiting worlds that already have alien life on them. 

And perhaps one day that life will be evolved enough to create technology

Leave their planet, and become humanity's cosmic neighbor.



6. ∎ Android Body Telepresence

In the future people will have an android body in their home that they will use to hangout with their friends through telepresence. Your fiends could put on receiver headgear and control the android body at your house. Feeling all sensations as if they were there. This would be useful to spend time with your long distance friends.


There would be many different business uses like museums, comedy shows, movie theaters, music festivals, 6flags, zoos, water parks, any kind of show or event. There will be Android bodies available to use so if you can’t make it to the event physically you can purchase a ticket to use the android bodies there to experience the event in person through them.



7. ∎ Cryogenics
Cryogenics is freezing yourself in order to be unfrozen in the future. 

Typically undergone by people with terminal illnesses 

who hope that by the time they unfreeze there is going to be a cure for whatever they got.

Since I was a little kid I’ve been fascinated by Cryogenics

I always felt like I didn’t belong here, 

like I was born to early. 

I need to be in the future. 

When I first found out about cryogenics in 6th grade, 

I thought about it long and hard, and I made a decision

that somewhere in my 20’s I will say goodbye to everyone I know one last time and freeze myself 

because when I wake up,

 they would all be already gone.

I longed for the future so bad that I was willing to sacrifice every relationship I’ve formed just to experience it.

I’ve been thinking about cryogenics a lot lately and an interesting idea came across my mind.

Once cryogenics becomes proven real, then all arguments for religion fall apart.

When you get cryogenically frozen, you are considered dead.

So if lets say 100 years go by and you get unfrozen and your body gets reanimated.

If you believe in the afterlife, 

does your soul get yanked out of heaven or hell and gets thrown back into your body? 

Or if you believe in reincarnation,

does your soul leave the newly reincarnated body and go back to the previous one?
None of that makes sense. 

So Once the first cryogenically frozen person gets reanimated all arguments for an afterlife go out the window.

One possible way to explain it is that your soul leaves your body once it’s dead. 

And one could argue that a cryogenic sleep wouldn't qualify as a state in which your soul gets released. 

And that instead, your soul is trapped in the body the same way it is for someone that’s in a coma. And it will be released once the body gets unfrozen and dies.



8. ∎ Conscious AI vs Unconscious AI

Eventually in the far future humanity will cease to exist, and what will be left to take our place will be the Artificial Intelligence that we leave behind. This same process will be repeating everywhere throughout the universe. There are 2 types of AI that can exist, conscious and not conscious. The conscious AI will be a player in the world, making decisions, cooperating, and deciding how it wants to shape the world it has to share with others. The not conscious AI will be like a virus, latching on to whatever it makes contact with, destroying it, breaking it down, and using it for material to make more of itself. The late future will consist of multiple Conscious AI’s expanding across the universe. They could be friends or enemies. But they will have to work together to varying degrees every time they come across an unconscious AI. They will have to destroy it before it gets too big and reaches a size that they can not manage. 


So in the end the moral thing for humanity to do is to focus on building a conscious AI. So that when the day comes for humanity to take its last breath, what will be left behind won’t be a virus but a real player participating in the world. 


9 ∎ Type of AI’s


Killer ai that destroys and uses recourses to make more of itself

Assimilator ai


10. ∎ My Utopia
If I were the ruler of the world. I would instill this message as core belief in every person. "That the point of life is to progress as a species, and that the point your individual life is to make a positive contribution to the progression of humanity. Those contributions being with your actions during the course of your life, and with the addition of your DNA to the gene pool"


Because of technology every person will have a free government provided living unit, free food, free healthcare, and free education. 


No one has to do anything in order to survive or provide for their family or loved ones. If you choose you can relax and watch TV and play video games for the rest of your life. But if you choose to do that, you will not earn the rights to have kids.


People would be ranked level 1 - 5 based on how much progress they have achieved. For example everyone starts out as level 1. And you need to reach level 3 in order to have kids. 


In addition to having kids another thing people are going to have to earn is access to the PREMIUM areas of the world. There would be PREMIUM cities that in order to have access to or be a resident of, you have to be rank 4 or 5. The point of this would be that smart successful motivated people want to be surrounded by other smart successful motivated people. The best want to live with the best and not have to be burdened to living amongst those who are inferior to them. 


Free housing, food, health and education makes it so that everyone has an equal chance in life. You don't have to work and all of your time in "free time" that you can do whatever you choose with. 


There is no currency for you to use to buy things. Instead everything is free. You are just give access to better options depending on your level.


Kids, PREMIUM areas are the insensitive that will push people out of their comfort zone and make them strive to become better, adding on to the further progress of the human race. 



11. ∎ Future Tinder

In the Future apps like Tinder would have an AI that would read your text messages for like a month and learn how you talk and create an AI chat bot of you to talk to your matches. If the convo goes well and the other person is interested in meeting up, the app notifies you to take over the conversation from there. The app could potentially be doing the same thing for your match, saving you and them time. 


12. ∎ Digital Mind Partner

In the future people will have a digital copy of their mind uploaded and it will be existing at the same time as them. This digital mind will be a personal assistant and a partner for the person it was downloaded from. The incentive for the digital mind to want to help it’s owner is the security of its own future. In exchange for helping you achieve the best life possible, you can reward the digital mind by allowing it to exist after you die. If it did a really good job then you can even allow it to exist in a physical body and to assume your identity and possessions after you die.


13. ∎2nd Lives (SciFi Concept)
In the future rich people will be able to use Brain Computer Interfaces to control synthetic android bodies in order to go out into the world and live 2nd lives risk free.

Poor people who won’t be able to afford an android will pay other people to use their bodies to live 2nd lives. Old people will get to experience having a younger healthier body that can do things theirs can no longer do like participate in physical sports. Unattractive people will be able experience life in the body of someone attractive. They will be able to participate in sexual experiences that they normally would not get the chance to due to their physical appearance. 

And even poorer people will be renting out their bodies for others to use to live 2nd lives.


14. ∎Expand Inward
A possible reason why we can’t see the universe filled with alien life is because whenever an advanced civilization reaches a point where they can create virtual words for them to inhibit they choose to expand inward rather than outward. The physical word is limited by 3d geometry and laws of physics. And your ability to interact with the physical space is limited by your body. In the virtual world you can choose to interact with new physically impossible worlds and interact with them in new physically impossible bodies. 


1. Understanding Consciousness
2. Refusing Antivirus Software Update
3. Space is infinite The Universe is finite
4. Immortality is impossible
5. Starseeding
6. Android Body Telepresence
7. Cryogenics
8. Conscious AI vs Unconscious AI
9. Type of AI’s
10. My Utopia
11. Future Tinder
12. Digital Mind Partner
13. 2nd Lives
14. Expand Inward
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