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Trans Debate: Setting Boundaries on What to Accept and Reject



The transgender debate isn't black and white. I advocate for respecting trans identities while acknowledging concerns about sports fairness. Pronouns should align with gender identity, but neopronouns are unnecessary. We can challenge societal norms while still showing kindness and respect. It's about finding balance and embracing the complexity of this issue.

The Trans Issue is a multifaceted issue that requires nuance in order to have a good opinion on it. It is not black and white like most people try to present it as. To simply say you’re pro trans or anti trans is ignorant.

I am for trans people identifying as the gender that is different from the one assigned at birth. I think we should respect their decision and refer to them as such.

I am against trans people competing in sports. Particularly trans women competing against biological women. This is completely unfair to women and robs them of the accolades that they deserve. This is especially egregious in combat sports and weight lifting, but applies to all sports. Being born with male biology gives you an unfair advantage in sports vs people born with female biology. A good example of this is in tennis. The Williams sisters who were ranked #1 female tennis player in the world lost to Karsten Braasch who was ranked 203rd in the world. He beat Serena 6-1 and beat Venus 6-2.

I am for trans people using pronouns that match with their gender identity, or using them/they pronouns if they are nonbinary. I believe we should respect their identity and adjust our pronoun use accordingly.

I am against people using “neopronouns” which are custom made up pronouns. For example: Bug/Bugs/Bugself, Vampire/Vampires/Vampself, Cat/Cats/Catself, Dragon/Dragons/Dragonself, Bun/Buns/Bunself, Faerie/Faeries/Faerieself, Star/Stars/Starself, Witch/Witches/Witchself, Alien/Aliens/Alienself, Angel/Angels/Angelself.

This is nonsense. This is just people wanting to feel special. You do not need to validate their ridiculous desire to call them by their neopronouns, and you are not a bad person for refusing to play along with their games.

In today’s culture of being overly tolerant and accepting, people are afraid to call out nonsense in fear of coming off as a bigot. I am here to tell you that you can and you should. Do not be afraid to speak out against the ridiculous things society is trying to convince you to accept. Also be kind and respectful of other people’s gender identities. You CAN do both. This issue is not black and white. There is a lot of nuance on this subject and it should be regarded this way. 

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